Infrastructure HostingAre you maintaining one or more physical servers and ready to move to the cloud? We'll work with you to develop a solution custom fit for your business needs. From a lone server to a full cloud network and archive service, Centilia Web Services offers do-it-yourself or fully managed services.

Rapid Deployment

Depending on the complexity of your needs, our engineers will work with you to design, develop, and deploy your infrastructure in as little as a day. And if you want to migrate in phases, we can adjust to your needs.

Secure Access

The security of your server is something we take very seriously. We maintain strict security policies before allowing anyone to access your server. Whitelists, PKI, and SSH are just some of the ways we help protect your data.

24/7 Tech Support

Our experienced technicians and engineers are ready to help. Our fully managed service means we take care of it all: password resets, remote access, account creation and removal, software installations and upgrades. Just submit a request and lean back in your chair.

What we offer...We can design build and deploy your hosted infrastructure and offer do-it-yourself or fully managed services.

Storage and Backup

We provide a 'Plan A', and will happily assist in additional backup plans. Plus, if your company is required to retain certain documents for several years, we offer a cold storage solution for that too!


If your organization is spread across the country or the globe, or you just want a nearby failover for that Just-In-Case moment, our multi-location service will provide quick access to the data and processing power you need.

Redundant Servers

In the unlikely event that a geographical region becomes unavailable, we offer redundancy services to keep you up and running seamlessly.

Cloud Networking

Just like your office's network, cloud networking allows the devices in the hosted environment to talk with each other and your office. Servers, workstations, data virtually beside each other.

High Security

We take security seriously. Whether an employee is looking to access the server or software needs to be updated, only authorized personnel from your office can make security requests.

Free Consulting and Support

Not quite sure what you need? Have questions or requests? Our engineers and technicians are dedicated to technology and are always looking to be that helping hand. We'll even provide you with a free quote.