Backup ServicesAn added layer of security for various services.

Shared Hosting

All our shared hosting accounts include a free backup service which includes your site files and database up to 5GB. In most circumstances, this is more than enough space to accommodate the account. If you need additional space, we offer competitive rates to make sure you stay protected.

Managed Services

Microsite Core includes the same service as our Shared Hosting service: 5 GB of space. Microsite Plus and Microsite Plus include an increase in space, up to 10 GB. When coupled with Microsite Pro, the redundant hosting and included backup service make your site virtually unstoppable. With our backup service, we will let you know that it’s time to start considering additional resources so you don’t miss a backup due to insufficient space.


No two infrastructures are the same. Centilia will work with you to help you design a backup strategy to ensure your data is always available. We’re also here to help with configuring a local backup solution. Paired with a redundant hosting solution, files are readily available for recovery letting you get back to your tasks quickly.

Cold Storage

Centilia’s cold storage program may sound like something out of a Sci-Fi movie, but it’s a really simple solution. Some businesses, either by law or by company policy, require certain documentation to be retained for several years. Often taking up valuable space and resources, these files become more of a hindrance or even limit potential income possibilities. Once digitized by scanning them, they can easily be stored offline and cataloged in a secure facility. Need a file? Just let us know what you are looking for and a day or two later, you’ll have it in your hands without having to sort through dozens or hundreds of boxes.

Backing up data is a critical aspect of data protection for any business. When data loss strikes, the effects are devastating to the company and can result in certain death for any company. Preventing your company from becoming a statistic and allowing for a quick recovery can easily be done with any service provided by Centilia. We offer a robust array of backup services for everything from our shared hosting customers to long term storage.

While Centilia does offer a free or basic backup strategy, it is always imperative that redundant backup services are put into place in addition to our standard backup. This will add another layer of protection for your site, server, or your long term storage solution.

  • Shared Hosting Accounts
  • Managed Services
  • Infrastructure Backup
  • Cold File Storage

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